Coffee In The Courtroom

From a small town on the outskirts of Houston, I’m just trying to navigate this city lifestyle I’m so dying to be apart of. As a student at the University of Houston, I spend most of my time in a restaurant or kitchen, eating food made for me or experimenting new recipes on my family and friends. Full time student but part time cake and dessert extraordinaire. When I’m not in sweatpants and on my way to the gym, I’m constantly struggling in the Houston heat with dressing modestly but when a girl is desperate, she gets creative. Something that is probably not a great quality? The fact that I’m homesick for places I’ve never been but let’s be honest, I enjoy the fly more than the actual destination. I live in a beautiful home with a supportive family but my downfall often has to do with me putting others before myself and as much as I am trying to change that, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I’ll keep you updated during my coffee breaks so stay tuned to see if I end becoming the big city lawyer my heart desires to be.